The 25th anniversary of the Christian Limbu Literary Association of Nepal was celebrated on January 31, 2018 BS. The founder committee, executive committee and staff were honored with letters of commendation at the jubilee.

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Go to the people of all nations...Mat. 28:19-20



I am an ex-army living in Taplejung, Fungling. I did not believe any priest, religion scriptures and traditional view. But accidently, I was caught a danger disease. I went to the hospital for treatment but the doctor was unable to cure me. Finally, I accepted Christ and now I am getting relief slowly. -Lal Bd. Limbu

ᤀᤡᤱᤄᤱ᥎ᤛᤡᤃᤧᤰᤐᤠ ᤆᤢᤶᤗᤢᤱ

8th Convention in Siliguri


More than 600 people participated in the 8th International Christian Limbu Holy Convention. Participants where from Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Manipur, Nagaland, Bhutan, Hong Kong and Thailang.

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