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The late Iman Singh Chemjang was the first to translate the Gospel book written by Luke, but it was of no importance as the translated book was not published. Around 1991 BS, some Limbu believers in the Jhapa region were translating and distributing parts of the scriptures, but they were not institutionalized. The Limbu believers began to pray that God's Word should be translated into the Bible and passed on to the Limbu people. The Christian Limbu Literature Association was established in 1993 BS.

Our achivements

  • NT dedication 2009
  • Faith Comes bu Hearing audio Bible lunched
  • Audio Songs- sanarung, yamnam, lunghum, sese songs
  • Vedio- Jesus Film
  • Tracks, Comic, patrika
  • Radio Program
  • Limbu Literacy
  • Holy Convention etc.
  • Limbu OTNT Bible Dedication 2023

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